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Prekės kodas: XBN0082
Bičiulių taškai: 40
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About the Game
In a nutshell:
The girls from Dead or Alive are back in the Xbox 360’s first ever beat ‘em-up. The usual mix of stunning graphics, accessible gameplay and bouncing chests combine with an all new online mode for one of the most feature packed fighters ever.
The lowdown:
In hardcore beat ‘em-up circles Dead or Alive is often sneered at for being too shallow, but although it may not have the depth of some of its rivals this is the perfect game for first time fighters. The combat has been tightened up since the first game, so that it’s much harder to perform counters and there are less overly powerful super moves. One thing that hasn’t changed is the amazing graphics, particularly the various backdrops with a fight in a market where every apple on every stall can be sent flying. The game is still relentlessly sexist in its portrayal of women but treat it as Carry On Virtua Fighter and you won’t be disappointed.
Most exciting moment:
Countering everything your opponent can throw at you and then knocking them all the way down the stairs of the Temple on the Mountain stage.
Since you ask:
One of the best unlockable secrets in the game is the chance to play as Spartan-458 – a female version of Master Chief from Halo. She even gets her own level based on Nassau Station.
The bottom line:
A showcase for the power of the Xbox 360 and a fun, accessible beat ‘em-up to boot.

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