Rapala Fishing Kinect XBOX 360 Žaidimas

Gamintojas: Activision
Prekės kodas: Kinect0009
Bičiulių taškai: 125
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36.21€44.90€ Kaina keičiant į bičiulių taškus: 12500


About the Game 
Fast-paced arcade-style action with all the great Kinect for Xbox 360 features.
  • Pull the fish up before it pulls you in! Awesome Boat Races!
  • Race between hot fi shing spots, grab speed boosts, hit jump ramps and knock your competition off course with a hip check! Fish and Lures with Personality!
  • Funny boss fish and talking lures will either help you...or taunt you!
Rapala for Kinect features an arcade style fishing experience controlled completely by a player's movements with intuitive commands that creates a sport fishing title never before seen on Kinect for Xbox 360. 

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