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About the Game
A comprehensive and energetic workout program made in collaboration with Mel B and Fitness First. Get Fit with Mel B represents the first title designed for the latest technologies, offering a brand new Fitness experience for home console. ITS THE ONLY FITNESS GAME THAT BRING THE PLAYER INSIDE THE GAME WITH A REAL PERSONAL TRAINER!
It features 199 exercises across 6 types of aerobic exercises: Kickboxercise / Pump and Tone / Advanced Cardio / Dance / Cardio / Step
The technology provided by Microsoft is based on a full body tracking system without any accessory. It means that the game is capable of seeing the user, understand his position, point out mistakes based on a model. If Mel’s making a precise exercise, the game can tell which parts of the user’s body are not moving according to what Mel’s showing. This 1:1 precision is essential to guarantee a perfect feedback. 
  • Train side by side with Mel B and train in the game and see yourself on TV
  • The training system works using a camera and video technology, and not just representing you graphically on screen
  • There are 199 fitness and aerobic exercises, including, kickboxercise / pump and tone / advanced cardio / dance / cardio / step
  • All exercises are developed in conjucntion with the leading worldwide gym chain, fitness first
  • You can exercise on the ground, so doing sit ups / press ups is no problem
  • It supports all technology: Microsoft Kinect / Playstation Move / Playstation Eye / Nintendo Wii Motion Plus
  • There are a range of accessories available to support your fitness regime
  • A comprehensive diet plan that caters for all dietary needs with 140 recipes to choose from
  • Rewards – there is a comprehensive reward system that tracks your progress and rewards you as you go, kepeping you motivated and looking good!
  • Track your progress through the website and receive automatic updates, fitness suggestions and new recipes and nutritional advice
  • It is also supported by a mobile app, so you can track your progess whilst training outdoors!

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