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Prekės kodas: PSN0030
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About the Game
The United States is being invaded by the evil Chimera hordes, and only you can stop them. Set in an alternate universe in which World War II was cut short by an alien invasion, this exclusive PLAYSTATION 3 first-person shooter sees the battle moving in the 1950s from the recently liberated UK to a human resistance base in Iceland and finally onto America.
Although the single-player story mode features much more variety than the original, with many new weapons and Godzilla-sized enemy bosses, the game’s real appeal has always been the multiplayer. There’s now a whole separate story mode to play co-operatively with friends, either in split screen mode or with up to seven people online.
There were some complaints that the original played the first-person shooter formula a little too safe, but the unique new 60-person online versus mode should help to silence most critics for this sequel.
Key Features
  • Co-operative carnage: Join the battle with friends in an 8-player online co-operative story campaign.
  • It takes two: Weapons can be used in pairs, including the new “Marksman” semi-automatic rifle, a .44 Magnum revolver, and a chaingun that can double as a sentry gun.
  • Know your enemy:Fight more than a dozen new enemies in the Chimera horde, including the invisible Chameleon and underwater Fury creatures.
  • Massively multiplayer: Up to 60 people can play online in giant-sized battles in which gamers will be organized into smaller sqauds to focus on specific tasks to win the overall battle.
  • Team rewards: Do well in the multiplayer and earn battle points to boost your soldier’s strength, gain score multipliers, and acquire personal shields and other special bonus items.
About the Developer: Insomniac Games
Californian developer Insomniac created the first three Spyro the Dragon games on the PSone and the Ratchet & Clank series on PS2 and PS3. Resistance 2 is the latest shooter following Disruptor and Resistance 1 from the studio. 

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