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About the Game
Battle Fantasia is a two-player arcade fighting game with jaw dropping visuals and bone crunching beat ‘em up action.
Apart from the fast paced combat and super responsive controls it’s the unique graphics engine used that sets it apart from the rest.
Battle Fantasia is played in two-dimensions but uses three-dimensional polygonal character models cleverly illustrated and lit to emulate 2D style sprites. The result is called ‘2.5D’ and delivers an amazingly fast and fluid fighting game that will satisfy novice players and hardcore fans alike!
With an impressive roster of unique characters each with their own fighting style and special moves, Battle Fantasia sets the standard for PlayStation3 beat ‘em ups.
Developed by arcade veterans Arc System Works, Battle Fantasia is like no other fighter, thanks to its unique cast of fantasy inspired characters, alongside a storyline and script that stays true to its Japanese heritage and manga roots.
In keeping with the fantasy themes of the game, Battle Fantasia also has elements familiar to fans of role-playing games. Instead of having a standard health bar, characters have hit-points that drain away as they take damage. As a result smaller characters have less health but are faster and harder to hit, whereas larger ones can deal greater damage at the cost of a faster pace. This means the gameplay experience is unlike any fighter you've played before.
Battle Fantasia includes a variety of different modes e.g. story, practice, survival, time attack, versus and online multiplayer. What's more, by playing through the story mode, it's possible to unlock new costumes for the fighters, along with a range of artwork by Guilty Gear series legend Emiko Iwasaki.
  • A stunning arcade port from the developers of the popular Guilty Gear series
  • Classic 2D gameplay with beautifully rendered fully 3D characters and environments
  • Fast-paced, fluid and balanced fighting
  • 12 playable characters with their own unique attributes, special moves and stories
  • Experience head-to-head action at home and across the world with online multiplayer

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